1987 - B.S. Ceramic Engineering

University of Missouri - Rolla


1989 - Received U.S and foreign patents for rendering refractory products resistant to molten aluminum.


1990 - Presentation to American Ceramic Society on "Thermomechanical Refractory Failures"


1991 - Presentation at Conference of Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers on "Thermomechanical Considerations of Refractory Brick vs. Castable in Cyclones"


1992 - Project Engineer on $5 million refractory outage at the ARCO - Carson Fluidized Catalytic Cracker Unit (FCCU) Outage.  Expert witness in a refractory material case.


1993 - Wrote and implemented an intensive Safety Program designed to serve the most stringent needs of the Petrochemical Industry.  Technical consultant on Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler refractory failures.  Designed and built internal air-cooled refractory walls for a large municipal trash incinerator.


1993 - Presentation to ARCO CQC - Wilmington, CA regarding thermomechanical brick failures in a Coke Calcining rotary kiln with design and operating guidelines.  Pioneered Tommy Gun applications of fireproofing.


1994 - Project Manager on $2 million refractory redesign and revamp of a Preheating System of a Petroleum Coke Calcining facility.


1995 - Presentation to USPCI - Clive, UT  regarding thermomechanical brick failures in a hazardous waste rotary kiln with design and operating guidelines.


1996 - Project Engineer/Manager on the refractory portion of a Zurn-Nepco design/build $1 million Wood Waste Gasification project in Burlington, VT.


1997- Project Engineer/Manager on a SAIC - Pocatello, ID design/build the refractory portion of a Plasma Arc Hazardous Waste Incinerator.


1998 - Refractory Laborer at BOC/Petrox Refinery in Conception, Chile.  Refractory Management Team for Kvaerner/Thai Copper in Rayong, Thailand.


1999 - Managed 3 successful concurrent major refractory outages at Colmac Energy, Calaveras Cement and Tosco Refining.


2000 - Managed an emergency "schedule recovery project" at the Cemex - Louisville new construction project.


2001 - Presentation to Chevron - El Segundo Safety Board on "Health Aspects of Asbestos vs. Ceramic Fiber".  Formulated (Re-form-ation) concept to save customers 25% of refractory installation costs.


2002 - Started Stewart Services, Inc.  Awarded Cemex - Louisville extensive rebuild of new construction failures and Cemex - Charlevoix major outage.  Built web site  Authored and Implemented MSHA Part 46 Training.


2003 - Stewart Services grows by 11%.  Received multi-plant agreement with Cemex. Illinois Cement major outage.  Lehigh - Union Bridge extensive rebuild of new construction failures. 


2004 - Stewart Services grows by 46%.   Provided opinions and cost ramifications of new plant refractory failures at Lehigh-Union Bridge for an insurance claim.  Established plant cleaning services for Essroc.


2005 - Stewart Services grows by 25%. Received national agreement with Lehigh. 


2006 - Stewart Services grows by 21%.  Stewart Services is in top 3 largest cement installation contractors.


2007 - Stewart Services grows by 12%.  Started mechanical division of Stewart Services.  Chaired refractory seminar for St. Mary's Cement.  Managed critical copper installation project at Kennecott Copper.


2008 - Stewart Services grows by 24%.  Authored article on "Effects of Petroleum Coke on Cement Plant Refractories".  Orchestrated buyout plan for employees to take over Stewart Services. 


2009 - Retired from Stewart Services.   Started "Inferno" as a refractory consulting company.   Expert Witness for premature failures in a Cement Plant.  "Refractory Terminator" published. 


2010 - 2011   Provided technical support and engineering for Stewart Services.


2012 - Provided technical support and engineering services for ISI in the Copper Industry


2013 - Consultant for FMI (Arizona) in the Copper Industry. 


2014 - Consultant for Umicore (Belgium) in the Copper Industry

2015 - Joined the Mt. Savage and Krosaki AMR sales team