My philosophies toward refractory “value”, “quality” and “reliability” are a combination of the following events all of which are provided by Inferno.
Post Mortem
  • History of Existing Linings
  • Inspection of Repair Areas
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis
  • Laboratory Analysis (when required)
  • Effects of Process Variations

Economic Evaluations
  • Optimize “Value” by considering expected refractory life vs. material cost vs. installation cost vs. installation time.  
  • Optimize current and future outage schedules to avoid conflicting or overlapping projects
  • Optimize refractory material usage properties vs. installation logistics vs. vendor selection etc.

  • Material Selection
  • Installation Technique
  • Anchoring
  • Expansion Allowance
  • Thermo-mechanical Considerations
  • Thermo-chemical Considerations
  • Insulation Design or Elimination
  • Correct Material Takeoffs and Estimates

  • Drawings/Sketches
  • Specifications
  • Plant Expectations

  • Prequalification Testing (if deemed necessary)
  • Installed Material Sampling (if deemed necessary)
  • On-Site Inspection

  • Documentation
  • Plus-Delta Reports
  • Continual Improvements
  • Updated Drawings
  • Immediate Planning for Next Outage
  • Strategic (Longer-Range) Planning